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Managed Fine Wine Fund with industry experts

We all need someone to rely on, why not rely on a team of wine investment analysts that have been doing it for 20 years? You do not need any experience in fine wine investing to participate in our wine fund. 


Regular Updates

We will monitor the market and give you consistent updates on the market and the performance of the wine fund. Performance review will be done yearly but there will be a six month update sent to you.


Have more time for yourself

What we are all short on is time, in todays fast paced environment and access to information in seconds using technology we become swamped with needing to know everything. With a managed wine fund, we will focus on what we know best, giving you more time for yourself!

Fund Valuation

Wine Fund Current Share Price

The value of the wine fund is based on the growth and size of the fund.


Sure Wine Fund Annual Reports

Review our wine fund performance in our latest annual report

Review past performance and current updates posted about our fund. All the latest information you need to know about how our wine fund is progressing. 

Examples of some of the Wines invested


Lafite Rothschild

First Growth Bordeaux Wine from the 1855 Classification



First Growth Bordeaux Wine from the 1855 Classification


Chateau Petrus

A famous Bordeaux wine from Pomerol



 First Growth Bordeaux Wine from the 1855 Classification 


Mouton Rothschild

First Growth Bordeaux Wine from the 1855 Classification 


Haut Brion

 First Growth Bordeaux Wine from the 1855 Classification 

Our Managed Wine Fund Panel of Experts

 Team of experts working around the clock to grow your returns in wine. 


James Pala

Has been in the industry for 18 years. He is a fine wine investor himself for many years and manages wines for a global high networth clientele.  

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Kimmy Goh

Has been in the fine wine industry for 10 years. Coming from a diversified background having worked internationally, and  bilingual in both Chinese and English, Kimmy provides professional advisory services for investment with her high net worth clientelle. 

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Reasons to Invest


1. Low entry to the fund only 3%!

2. Performance Fee of just 10% of your returns. Ensuring the fund will maximise on your returns!

3. Low maintenance investment for you. 

4. Storage fees managed by the fund so you don't need to worry about paying on time.

5. Existing Sure Holdings Clients can transfer their portfolio into the fund.

Medium to long term investment but with no hold periods.

6. Cash out on amounts less than 10,000 within 4 weeks.

7. Higher amounts carry a longer withdrawal period.

8.  Dividends will be paid yearly and the fund is licensed with Labuan Financial Services Authority. 

Only existing customers of Sure Holdings are eligible to make an application into the wine fund. 

Minimum Investment


Level of Investment

The minimum investment is 75,000 GBP. This minimum level of investment is determined by the Labuan Financial Services Authority where the Fund is licensed and registered.

Dual-Currency Fund


GBP and Euro Currency

The fund will use GBP as the base currency for valuation purposes.  

Investments can be made in either USD, Euro or GBP. Funds will be invested into GBP or Euro buying wines in either currency.  GBP wines will be stored in the UK and Euro wines will be stored in France.

  This is an investment fund that allows you to hold a position in fine and rare wine even if you have zero experience.

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